mod_authnz_ibmdb2 is an Apache authentication module using IBM® DB2® as the backend database for storing user and group information. The module supports several encryption methods.

I also provide UDFs and Stored Procedures to generate and validate hashes in DB2. They are compatible to the functions that are used in Apache's htpasswd utility.


Requirements: IBM® DB2®, Apache Portable Runtime


Manual in PDF format.

man pages


Q: IBM's Websphere plugin and mod_authnz_ibmdb2 seem to break each other. What can I do?
A: mod_authnz_ibmdb2 has to be loaded after the Websphere plugin.

Q: Which versions of DB2 are supported?
A: All DB2 versions currently supported by IBM. I've tested the module with all versions since DB2 UDB v7.x, but older versions should work as well.

Q: What is the difference between mod_auth_ibmdb2 and mod_authnz_ibmdb2?
A: mod_authnz_ibmdb2 is based on the new authentication backend provider scheme of Apache 2.2. This module will only work for Apache 2.2.x and later. mod_auth_ibmdb2 works for Apache 2.0.x and 1.x.

Q: What platforms are supported?
A: All POSIX platforms. I've compiled and tested the module on Linux, MacOSX and AIX. Since the modules are using the APR libraries, they can be compiled on Windows as well.

Q: Why isn't there a binary release for .....?
A: I don't have a development environment for every operating system. Furthermore I don't think that binary releases make sense for Unix style operating systems.

Q: What is the package db2-hash-routines for?
A: This package contains User Defined Functions and Stored Procedures to generate and validate hashes in DB2.


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